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Hub Tech Pros is a computer service provider with its headquarters located in Cambridge, MA. We are focused on providing superior computer and website design services at a reasonable price. Our "999 and You Will Be Fine" pricing plan continues to be a favorite from our customers. We believe the reason for the growth and success of the company continues to be the experienced service engineers that give our customers 110% effort every day. When you have been in the computer industry as long as we have been, you hear about many adventures people go thru trying to locate quality computer support. Hub Tech Pros was founded on the principals of bringing experienced and friendly computer specialists to customers in the Greater Boston area at a reasonable price. Please call us now and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

We hear many stories about customers calling giant on-line only computer service companies and being sent to the phone queue and connected all night with an inexperienced customer service person without a resolution. Others have told us how uncomfortable it is leaving your computer system at a service depot, warehouse or superstore and losing control of your system. At Hub Tech Pros we are small enough to know all our employees personally, and every candidate for a position with the company is screened with very rigorous testing. All of our certified service engineers have many years of experience in the field solving computer problems, so you know your system is in safe hands. At Hub Tech Pros, we are able to fix your system fast and get you back up and running. At Hub Tech Pros, we believe good service is the key to winning your business. We will provide a skilled service engineer to fix your system on your terms. We are located nearby in our office in Cambridge, MA to help you. It is your choice if you would like us to fix your system remotely or on-site.